The Hill reports that J.K. Rowling, the British children’s book author behind the Harry Potter series, posted a tweet recently stating that, due to Roy Moore’s defeat in the Alabama Senate election, God must be a black woman.

Christmas with the Hamblin's 2017

In attendance: Sue, Ken Jr., Olivia, Elli, Adam, Allison & Patricia. The Dogs: King, Baby Albert and the newest addition to the family, the schnauzer Ruby Louise.

Ken's 60th Birthday Celebration.

Time fly's when you're having fun...


The Democrats are chocking on it but credit must be given to President Trumps tax cut. January 2018

Blazing the trail.

The Detroit FreePress first Negro street photographer.

September Leaves Video

It's that time of year again in the Colorado High Country. "The Leaves Are Turning!"

My first and last boat cruise - Video

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., to Barbados BWI with friend and Ships Doc., Larry Odekirk and his wife Gerry 2013.  Enjoyed sailing and Barbados (my families home).

THE OPRAH FOR PRESIDENT? Not in this life time baby!

One would think America learned it's lesion with the Obama's. However it seems the "Hoity-Toity Snowflakes will throw anything into the ring from The Oprah to a dead chicken. No bloody way Oprah so stop massaging your brain and listening to the alluring voice of the sirens and get a grip. You can look at it this way if you like "The Obama's urinated in the gene pool. 

Today's EBONICS lession Video

  • This is yet another dupe that white liberals tried to encourage among poorly educated urban African Americans